Client Connection

Concerns and approaches

Issues we address

Our expertise is in taking a whole-person perspective, even as  some common issues that might bring you into care, include:

Approaches we use

Our overarching framework is humanistic, incorporating anti-racist and intersectional lenses to assist individuals to grow and heal.  This is complemented and supported by:

Costs & Coverage

Covering care

ALMHA will work with you to get you care. 

If you have one of the insurances listed, we've got you covered! You'll only be responsible for co-pays and required costs to meet your deductible. If your insurance is not listed, we can provide monthly superbills to claim out-of-network benefits/obtain reimbursement. 

Insured don't want to use your plan? If you do not wish to use your benefits because of fear of job loss, averse and/or limited work assignments, or retaliation we will work with you to ensure access to the care you desire while avoiding any new difficulties.  ALMHA's sliding scale fee for services is as follows:

Insurances accepted

Connecting: What to expect


ALMHA offers 15-minute initial telephone consultations. This is an opportunity to see if we are a good fit for your needs. Simply fill out our Inquiry Form and we will respond within 24 hours during the week and by the next business day on weekends.  There is no cost to you for reaching out and exploring!

Screening & Intake

Before therapy begins, ALMHA will verify your insurance and provide you with an appointment for a telephone screening. You will need to sign documents and complete surveys as we begin the Screening Process. The next two sessions--Intake--will be to assess your needs in-depth.


Once the Intake is completed and goals are set for care therapy begins. Because of COVID, telehealth continues core to our work. In-person or telephone sessions can be arranged for those who prefer it or as needed. All telehealth services are conducted via HIPAA-compliant platforms to ensure confidentiality.